Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Musical Cars

See the car on the far left, in the background?  The dark silver car?  That's the car I tried to get in a few mornings ago.  Half asleep and cold, I fumbled with the keys and thought, "Man, the snow made our car really dirty."

Then I looked closer as I stood at the drivers side door and realized, silly me, that's not my car!  No wonder it looked so dark!

Shaking my head, I walked around to the next car, hand on the door, found the correct button on my key chain and heard a distinct "beep beep" behind me.  In about three seconds, this streamed through my (foggy as the sky in this photo) brain:

"oh no my remote just unlocked a car behind me ugh I can't leave that car unlocked if I do the spouse will go to the car and accuse the other of not locking it and I've had things stolen from our car in this very lot because of forgetting to lock it they might have something valuable in there but now I've got to go to someone else's car in front of the whole neighborhood and open their door and fool around with finding a lock and it will look like I'm trying to steal something this is just such a crappy situation and I bet everyone's watching"

So I turned to walk toward the car, deciding it was better for me to look like a car thief to the imaginary people who spend their mornings staring out townhouse windows, than to risk letting them get something stolen or causing a marital argument, and realized

that's my car.  

Yep. Three cars later, I crawled into the drivers seat and headed to work.

Imagine the mental strain this morning when my neighborhood looked like this:

Doesn't anyone own a red pick-up anymore?  Come on, people, help a sister.


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Shay said...

Ok I have a silver car too...and I do that all the time in shopping centre car parks.

I think I'll buy a bright pink car next time!

Christen said...

Hahahah! I do that all the time! I have a white car and there are always a ton of them at my grocery store's parking lot!