Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I can't believe how drastically my life has improved in one week. Training at our brand new Gaithersburg restaurant has been fantastic. Every part of my new job in restaurant management fascinates me. From the profit and loss spreadsheets to inventory to managing people on a shift. A restaurant has to work like a well-oiled machine. If you're working the front door and don't notice that the kitchen is behind on ticket times, you're quoting low wait times and risk losing guests. Everything crumbles if you don't have your mind on every part of the machine. It's frightening and exhilarating.

A week ago I was wearing whatever mismatched, hopefully washed clothes I had to stumble into the office, bag full of server clothes in tow for the late night shift. Today I'm well dressed, sitting at gate D at BWI awaiting my flight to Boston for a managers meeting.

Yesterday I had the day off. Completely off. After sleeping for NINE HOURS, I played Legos, did laundry, held babies, went to the playground and made dinner.

I'm not quite sure how to explain this, but a week ago I felt old at 36. Now I feel young. I feel young and hopeful.

And damn I love airports.


Shay said...

Im so happy you are enjoying this latest phase of your life. You deserve great things Leslie.

emily said...


Kirsten's Cooking said...

So happy for you!

Dana said...

Leslie, I haven't had a chance to check your blog in ages. Then this morning, I was awake before everyone else feeding two dogs who aren't mine (my new job) and I thought, well, I'll see what she's up to. Then I read this post. I couldn't be more excited for you!!! Such awesome news. You guys deserve it. I hope you love every minute. You have certainly paid your dues, and you'll do wonderfully. I'm so glad God has blessed you with this new opportunity.

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crazybeautifulchaos said...

Wait, did you say you slept 9 hours? What? :)

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